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Alyson Avenue





Alyson Avenue – Changes (2011)
Avenue Date :    June 10th 2011
Catalogue-no.. :  Avenue 11 11 0031
EAN :                4041257000579

All songs written by Niclas Olsson,
except ”Don´t Know If Love Is Alive” written by Fredrik Bergh and Niclas Olsson
“Changes” written by Mats Edström

Produced by Alyson Avenue
Mixed and co-produced by Chris Laney @ Laneyland
Mastered by Classe Persson @ CRP Recordings
Alyson Avenue are:
Arabella Vitanc : Vocals, background vocals
Thomas Löyskä : Bass, guitar
Fredrik Eriksson : Drums
Tony Rohtla : Guitars
Niclas Olsson : Keyboards, background vocals

Additional musicians :
Michael Bormann : Vocals and background vocals on ”Will I Make Love”
Anette Olzon : Background vocals on ”Liar”, ”Into The Fire”, ”Always Keep On Loving
You”, ”Fallen”
Rob Marcello : Guitar solo on ”Changes”
Fredrik Bergh : Keyboards on ”Don´t Know If Love Is Alive”
Chris Laney : Background vocals on ”Amazing Days”
Mike Andersson : Background vocals on ”Liar”, ”Somewhere”, ”Changes”, ”Don´t Know If Love Is Alive”, ”Into The Fire”, ”Fallen”, ”I´ll Cry For You”, ”Always Keep On Loving You”
Tommy Stråhle : Background vocals on ”I´ll Cry For You”

Gregor Klee : Executive Producer

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