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Danger Zone


Line Of Fire

Line Of Fire


Danger Zone – Line Of Fire  (Italy)

Avenue Date:    January 28th 2011
Catalogue-no.:  Avenue 1102 0022
EAN:                884502919936


Produced by Jody Gray and Mark Cobrin for T.E. Savage
Recorded at Condulmer Studios, Mogliano Veneto, Venice, Italy between June 1989 and October 1989
Mixed by Stephan Galfas, Noah Baron and Mark Cobrin
at Quad Studios, New York City, NY in December 1989
Mastered by Roberto Priori at Pristudio, Bologna, Italy in October 2010

Executive Producer (CD release): Gregor Klee



Giacomo Gigantelli:    Vocals
Roberto Priori:            Lead guitar
Stefano Peresson:      Guitars, Keyboards
Stefano Gregori:         Bass
Paolo Palmieri:           Drums

Background vocals: Danger Zone, Jody Gray, Mark Cobrin, Stephan Galfas,
James Palace, Michael Palace and Noah Baron

Guest musicians :
Background vocals on “Fingers”: Grace Jones
Additional keyboards and acoustic guitars: Jody Gray



1)  Stefano Peresson, Roberto Priori, Stefano Gregori, Giacomo Gigantelli, Jody Gray
2)  Marc Bolan
3)  Jody Gray, Roberto Priori, Giacomo Gigantelli
4)  Jody Gray, Roberto Priori
5)  Roberto Priori, Stefano Gregori,Stefano Peresson, Giacomo Gigantelli, Jody Gray
6)  Roberto Priori, Stefano Gregori,Stefano Peresson, Giacomo Gigantelli, Jody Gray
7)  Roberto Priori, Stefano Peresson, Giacomo Gigantelli, Stefano Gregori, Jody Gray
8)  Michael Philip Des Barres, Steve Jones
9)  Eddie Rabbitt, Even Stevens, Billy Joe Walker jr.
10) Roberto Priori, Stefano Gregori, Stefano Peresson, Giacomo Gigantelli, Jody Gray



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