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Frozen Rain

City Aalter
Country Belgium
WEB www.frozenrain.be

Frozen Rain, a project  celebrating the pure AOR and Melodic Rock of classic bands like The Storm, Giant, Harlan Cage, Boulevard, Heartland, Fair Warning, Drive She Said, Skagarack and Bad Habit. The main man behind this promising project is Kurt Vereecke from Belgium who assembled a great cast of well known musicians like Tommy Denander (Radioactive,Prisoner), Steve Newman (Newman), Jim Santos (Norway), Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye), Ollie Oldenburg (ex-Zinatra) and many more.

Releasing a perfect sounding AOR and Melodic Rock album with songs that are full of memorable hooklines, big guitar sounds, tasteful keyboard accents, backed by a strong rhythm section with real live drums was Belgian Born Kurt Vereecke's dream for many many years. With the release of the first “Frozen Rain” album this fantasy finally became reality in a big way.
another stunning AOR hymn giving singer Johan Waem again the chance to shine. with the lead vocals of another great singer called Maurice Saelmans.

Slowing down the pace for a softer moment is the smooth ballad “My Heart Believes It's True” sung by Ollie Oldenburg (Ex-Zinatra), who has a higher pitched voice matching the songs feeling.  An AOR hero from the U.K. steps into the light on “Red Light Zone”, Steve Newman (Newman) took over the mix and added some rhythm guitars on this tune that is opened by Sven Bauwens' guitar leads while the spotlight for the lead solo is on Dan Palladino. The bridge before his guitar solo will inspire many AOR fanatics to play some “Air piano” when they hear the very tasteful piano runs of Frank De Lobel.
“On The Run” is a rockin' duet between the singers Ollie Oldenburg and Dirk Cauwels, while the following visit in the "Park Café" has more of a Westcoast AOR feel that is perfectly matched by another Denander lead solo. This midtempo song is the only one to have Peter De Zutter on lead vocals and he does a great job just like his four colleagues. “Never Be A Fool Again”, “Your Love” and the slower paced “Say That You Love Me” are three Melodic Rockers adding the mixing touch and some guitars of American Jim Santos of the band Norway to the record. And just like on most of the songs of the “Frozen Rain” project you will hear more solo work on guitar from Tommy Denander. Another fabulous guest musician is Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) whose virtuoso druming is heard throughout the album.

Other members of the “Frozen Rain Musicians Club” are Guido Priori (Myland), Ward Snauwaert and Alan Williamson. Before the album closes with the Westcoast styled ballad "Tomorrow" you will be carried away by “Little Angel”, another amazing AOR track sung again by Johan Waem and being another highlight on this very consistent album of high calibre AOR and Melodic Rock with an occasional Westcoast touch..

The musical result was certainly worth all the long hours picking the right singers and players for each track and working on the perfect song arrangements in the studio. While listening to the “Frozen Rain” album you will be wearing a smile on your face when you are reminded of the “Good Old Times“ and you will realize that Kurt is a perfectionist when it comes to keeping up the spirit of some of his favorite bands like The Storm, Giant, Harlan Cage, Fair Warning, Heartland, Signal, Drive She Said, Boulevard, Skagarack, Treat and Bad Habit that carried on the torch of mighty icons like Journey, Foreigner and Survivor.


“Ahead Of Time“ arrives four years after the self titled debut album and marks the second chapter in the history of “Frozen Rain“. In 2008 the dream of the Belgian song writer & multi-instrumentalist Kurt Vereecke became reality when the first album of his AOR / Melodic Rock project was released. The debut was influenced by the classic AOR sound of the 80s and just like in the old days the songs offered memorable hooklines, big guitar sounds, tasteful keyboard accents, backed by a strong rhythm section with real live drums. The very positive feedback of fans and reviewers alike paved the way for a follow-up of the successful first “Frozen Rain“ record.
Already early on some changes for album no. 2 were considered and eventually put into action. Thus all songs of the album were recorded with a constant band line-up of six musicians, besides Kurt Vereecke (keyboards, bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Jurgen Vitrier (keyboards) and Vincent De Laat (bass) were already on board for the debut album. Strengthening the Belgian party of the “Frozen Rain“ team on “Ahead Of Time“ are Rik Priem (rhythm, solo and acoustic guitars) and Kurt’s brother Hans Vereecke (drums). The position as the front man on the mic stand is now occupied  by one of the most distinctive German Rock shouters, Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz (Evidence One, Paradise Inc., ex-Domain).
Kurt Vereecke and guitarist Rik Priem worked intensively on the arrangements and the production of the tunes giving them an up-to-date more guitar-oriented AOR / Melodic Rock sound than the first time around while still securing to give enough space to the keyboards that became a trademark on the “Frozen Rain“ debut. Rik’s virtuoso guitar play and the decision to have Carsten as the sole lead vocalist on all songs (on the debut five singers shared the vocals) are a tremendous gain for “Frozen Rain“. In addition the songs sound tighter and more powerful thanks to the consistent line-up of musicians that delivers a real band feel on each cut and the refining of the material through the mix by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Eden’s Curse, Shining Line, Lionville) and the mastering by Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69, Sunstorm).
Among the highlights of “Ahead Of Time“ are the Melodic Rock hymns “Forever“, “Breaking Out“ and “Turn It On“, the uptempo cracker “The Last Dance Ain’t Over“,aswell as the atmospheric title track “Ahead Of Time“ and the bombastic album opener “Believe It Or Not“, for which the band also shot a video. The invitation to the “Voodoo Party“ is an impressive proof that a Melodic Rock outfit can deliver a stunning instrumental and the only ballad on the album, “Too Late”, comes from the pen of Kurt’s daughter Joke Vereecke, who proves to be a talented song writer.



Albums (2)
Songs (23)
# SONG Album
1 Waiting For You Frozen Rain
2 Wire Of Love Frozen Rain
3 Music Keeps Me Alive Frozen Rain
4 My Heart Believes It’s True Frozen Rain
5 Red Light Zone Frozen Rain
6 On The Run Frozen Rain
7 Park Café Frozen Rain
8 Never Be A Fool Again Frozen Rain
9 Your Love Frozen Rain
10 Say That You Love Me Frozen Rain
11 Little Angel Frozen Rain
12 Tomorrow Frozen Rain
13 Believe it or not Ahead Of Time
14 Forever Ahead Of Time
15 Breakin’ out Ahead Of Time
16 We’re gonna rock Ahead Of Time
17 Too late Ahead Of Time
18 Turn it on Ahead Of Time
19 Turn it on Ahead Of Time
20 The last dance ain’t over Ahead Of Time

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