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Country Malta
WEB www.firemalta.com

Energetic melodic Hard Rock done the good old fashioned way with a strong  lead vocalist, powerful guitar riffs and a dynamic rhythm  section  are the trademarks of Fire, a smokin’ hot band hailing  from the Mediterranean island  of Malta.  The straight ahead  Rock anthems of the band’s  second  album  impresses with a powerful production of international standard and will win over friends  of Thunder, Sammy Hagar,  Krokus,  Firehouse, Y & T, Gotthard and Whitesnake.

To some sceptics a Hard Rock Band from Malta might seem exotic, but the five guys of Fire instantly remove all doubts with their second CD, which follows their very good debut release from 2006, “Ignite”. With eleven power cuts, produced to the highest order by guitar player Robert Longo, the band is well-equipped for the international market. The tracks combine outstanding melodies and infectious hooklines with the raw live power of the band, a distinguishing mark that the group already showcased on a club tour in England and as opener for the Swiss Hard Rock institution Krokus.

Without further ado Fire blow the speakers with the title track “Thrill  Me”, a cracking Hard Rock anthem, which has already become a audience favorite at the band’s live gigs as well as on the airwaves of the local radio stations. With the backing of the song’s intriguing video clip, which continues the delightful idea of the cover artwork, the way to a successful start outside the Maltese frontiers is paved. With “Get It On” another rocking shell is shot, before the following track “That  Kind Of Woman” with its subtle use of keyboards slows down the tempo a bit, just to move into full gear with the furious “Come  With Me”. “Always There” with its winning groove and an irresistible hookline in the best AOR vein, is just like “Hollywood”, a composition by Joe Mizzi, a friend of the band, one of many high lights of a consistantly convincing record. “Crazy  Lovin’” is a musical piece, that would have been a perfect fit on an album by the Danes D.A.D. about twentyyears ago, while Dave Meniketti of Y & T or Danny Bowes of Thunder would have loved to sing the bluesy power ballad “No More Pain” for any of their bands outputs.

The individual class of every single band member shows again in the performances of the stomping, hard rockin’ and still very melodic tracks “Where  Are We Goin’“ and ”Lost Without You”, with its guitar intro in Judas Priest “Turbo”-fashion. Fire have saved a six minute epic with an atmospheric opening of keyboard sounds, a sublte organ in the background and another glorious guitar performance for the final thrill. It’s called “Back  Home”  and it is a fine and worthy closing track of a classic Hard Rock album, which is a very satisfying affair in every respect.


After the the successful international release of Fire’s second album “Thrill Me” in the fall  of 2009, Avenue Of Allies presented the band’s debut album “Ignite” as an expanded  CD re-issue. 

Originally only released on the band’s home island of Malta, the new version includes two  exclusive bonus tracks, that haven’t been available on CD before. 

The first one is a newly recorded version of the Bryan Adams classic “Run To You” featuring  the trademark Fire-sound. Rounding out the album is “Miss You This Christmas”, a track  which was originally sent out to Radio stations on Malta back in December of 2007. 

The story of Fire began around 1998 with the band mainly playing Classic Rock covers. As time went by the band started to write its own material. They recorded two songs, “Make  Believe” and “Manhunter”, and released them as singles in November 2004. The tracks were  well received by local radio stations and they were also featured in the national television  series “Solitaire”. Also some internet radio stations started to add the songs to their playlists. 

In the following months the band recorded more songs between their live activities and in  2006 they finally released their first album “Ignite”. The record also included the two  previously released singles, with “Manhunter” being one of the albums highlights with its  infectious hookline and catchy chorus. Another song with a massive sing along refrain is  “Home And Dry”, written by Joe Mizzi, a friend of the band, who also contributed one song  to the band’s follow-up album “Thrill Me”. 

The album opener “Get Out Of My Way” is another straight ahead Rocker showcasing the  characteristic Fire guitar riffs and the Hammond organ in the background. And it’s a cut you  won’t get out of your head once you’ve heard it.  A different side of the band show the Classic Rock power ballad “Goin’ Down” and the dark  and more complex, but still catchy Rock epic “Conspiracy Theory”.  

Based on the strength of “Ignite” the band moved to the center of attention on Malta  followed by their first TV, radio and press interviews and appearances and the CDs sold out quickly. The album also paved the way out of obscurity and into the spotlight, Fire were  chosen to support Krokus (featuring Maltese-born singer Marc Storace) on their Malta gigs. In 2007 the band got their first international gigs in Manchester and London. 

Meanwhile the band has enjoyed great success with their second album “Thrill Me” with  the album and several singles topping the Malta Music Charts and the record receiving great  reviews and lots of airplay around the world. Fire will continue their success story and have  just welcomed a new rhythm section, Trevor Catania on bass and Robert Spiteri on drums.



Albums (2)
Songs (23)
# SONG Album
1 Thrill Me Thrill Me
2 Get It On Thrill Me
3 That Kind Of Woman Thrill Me
4 Come With Me Thrill Me
5 Always There Thrill Me
6 Hollywood Thrill Me
7 Crazy Lovin’ Thrill Me
8 No More Pain Thrill Me
9 Where Are We Goin’ Thrill Me
10 Lost Without You Thrill Me
11 Back Home Thrill Me
12 Get Out Of My Way Ignite
13 Make Believe Ignite
14 Fire Flyer Ignite
15 Taste This (Rock ‘n' Roll) Ignite
16 Manhunter Ignite
17 Goin' Down Ignite
18 Behind Your Eyes Ignite
19 Away For Good Ignite
20 Home And Dry Ignite

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