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Iain Ashley Hersey


Vintage Love - The Best Of

Vintage Love - The Best Of


IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY - Vintage Love - The Best (USA 2011)
Avenue Date :    December 9th 2011
Catalogue-no.. :  Avenue 11 15 0035
EAN :                4041257000647

All songs remastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio

Musicians :
Iain Ashley Hersey - Guitars, bass, Hammond

Lead Vocals: Graham Bonnet, Dante Marchi, David “Swan” Montgomery, Carsten “Lizard” Schulz, Paul Shortino, Mike Stone, Doogie White, Randy Williams
Guitars: Steffen “Seegi” Seeger
Bass: Paul Logue, Jochen Mayer, Marvin Sperling, Dave Sutton
Drums: Sam Aliano, Jimmy Griego, Bernd Herrmann, Frank Kraus, Tony Medeiros
Hammond / Keyboards: Jim Austin, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Pat Regan, Holger
Seeger, Harlan Spector
Orchestration: Philip Wolfe

Album compiled by Gregor Klee for Avenue Of Allies Music

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