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Hell in the Club

Hell in the Club Country Italy
WEB http://www.hellintheclub.com

HELL IN THE CLUB is the name of the new Rock’n’Roll monster created by members of two of the most talented Italian Heavy Metal bands around: SECRET SPHERE and ELVENKING.
Both bands are part of the Italian and the International Heavy Metal scene since the mid 90s, releasing a string of successful albums and performing on some of the most prestigious concert stages and Metal festivals.

It all started with an idea of Andrea "Andy" Buratto, bass player of Secret Sphere, who for many years had an ambitious Rock’n’Roll project in mind, that he wanted to be different to the sound of Secret Sphere. With a bunch of kick ass Rock songs in the tradition of Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row and Ratt already written for a Hard Rockin’ fun lovin’ gang of equally talented musicians, he started to look for the right guys for the Rock’n’Roll adventure with his own band.

Andrea "Picco" Piccardi was his first choice, as he is one of the most talented rock session guitarists in the area. With his amazing skills and his great talent in composing and arranging music it was very clear, that he would be the perfect guitar player for HELL IN THE CLUB.

Finding the right lead vocalist was a more difficult task to handle, in fact when the band started to work on the songs, they didn’t have a singer. But while Secret Sphere and Elvenking shared the same stage, Andy realized that Davide "Dave" Moras would be the perfect choice ! So he eventually contacted him, et voilà ! HELL IN THE CLUB had the right Rockin’ voice !
To complete the band‘s line-up with a devoted and skilled drummer Andy didn’t need to look to far as his partner in Secret Sphere’s rhythm section, Federico "Fede" Pennazzato, with his groove and power, was the right man !

With this promising line-up the band was ready to enter the studio and record their debut album "Let The Games Begin". From the first note of the opener "Never Turn Your Back" on you will notice that HELL IN THE CLUB feels right at home delivering fist pumping Hard Rock anthems with ultra catchy hooklines, that will have you joining in and shouting along on the first listen. The cleverly arranged "On The Road" is the first single and its video will premier in the winter of 2010/2011. Other highlights include "Rock Down This Place”, "Natural Born Rockers", "Raise Your Drinkin’ Glass" and the power ballad "Star".

Get ready for a big new Rock’n’Roll band taking you on a hellride of fun, feel the power and the emotions served with a big dose of Hard Rock ! HELL IN THE CLUB will make you dance, sing and bang your head when they are in town with their smashing songs and their sizzling hot live show... Are you ready to raise some fuckin’ hell ???



Albums (1)
Songs (12)
# SONG Album
1 Never Turn My Back Let The Games Begin
2 Rock Down This Place Let The Games Begin
3 On The Road Let The Games Begin
4 Natural Born Rockers Let The Games Begin
5 Since You’re Not Here Let The Games Begin
6 Another Saturday Night Let The Games Begin
7 Raise Your Drinkin’ Glass Let The Games Begin
8 No Appreciation Let The Games Begin
9 Forbidden Fruit Let The Games Begin
10 Star Let The Games Begin
11 Daydream Boulevard Let The Games Begin
12 Don’t Throw In The Towel Let The Games Begin

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