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Miss Behaviour

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Miss Behaviour Genre Melodic Rock
City Norrköping
Country Sweden
WEB www.missbehaviour.se

The story of Miss Behaviour goes back to 2003, when keyboard player Henrik Sproge  and guitarist Erik Heikne were both studying Music Management at the Baltic Business  School in Kalmar, Sweden. Both shared a great passion for 80s Melodic Hard Rock and  AOR, and their vision was to have their own Rock band inspired by the great bands  of the Eighties while adding a fresh and modern twist to their sound.

The first Miss Behaviour songs were written in a student apartment in Kalmar in late  2003 and ended up on the 3-song EP “Give Us The World”. From the beginning the band  focused on writing catchy, melodic songs with a big chorus and this approach led to their  critically acclaimed debut CD “Heart Of Midwinter” in 2006. Since the first recordings  producer/engineer Daniel Gese, who played drums on the debut album of the Swedish  Melodic Hard Rockers “Pole Position” in 1993, gave the band a helping hand in the studio. 

Following the release of “Heart Of Midwinter” the band went through a series of  personnel changes in search for the perfect line-up with each member fully dedicated to  bring the band forward and to record of a cracking follow-up album. Ultimately the duo  of Sebastian Roos and Anders Berlin, both of the band Shineth, joined Henrik and  Erik as the new lead vocalist and drummer respectively. Both are extremely skilled  and ambitious musicians sharing the same vision as the two Miss Behaviour founders.  Sebastian already contributed to the backing vocals and the choir arrangements on  the “Heart Of Midwinter” album, while Anders played in bands like Eclipse and Narnia. 

“Last Woman Standing” is a Melodic Rock and AOR album of the highest order and a state-of-the-art sound experience courtesy of the carefully handled production and the  top notch Mastering by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering.  The songs range from classic 80s styled AOR anthems like “1988”, “Cynthia” and  “Emergency” to the harder edged Melodic Rock of “Perfect War”, featuring a blistering  guitar solo of Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Ex-Helloween). Other highlights include the  epic title track “Last Woman Standing”, a duet with female vocalist Kajsa Berg and the  ballad “Till We Meet Again”, a tune already receiving airplay on National Radio in Sweden,  with a professionally shot video to follow around the turn of the year 2010/2011.

In the spring of 2010 the new Miss Behaviour line-up already made their live debut  with the song “Till We Meet Again” performing live on Swedish national radio. On the  strength of “Last Woman Standing” the band is geared up to enter the stage in 2011  to add a new chapter to their concert history that saw them share the same stage with  bands like H.E.A.T. and The Poodles in the past.



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