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Miss Behaviour


Last Woman Standing

Last Woman Standing


MISS BEHAVIOUR - Last Woman Standing (Sweden)

Avenue Date:     January 28th 2011
Catalogue-no..:  Avenue 1101 0021
EAN:                 884502919943


Produced by Henrik Sproge & Erik Heikne

Mixed and recorded by Daniel Gese

Co-recorded and co-mixed by Erik Heikne, Henrik Sproge & Sebastian Roos
Recording and mix engineer: Daniel Gese
Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering, Stockholm

Executive Producer: Gregor Klee


Sebastian Roos:   Vocals & bass guitar
Erik Heikne:         Lead & rhythm guitars
Henrik Sproge:     Keyboards
Anders Berlin:      Drums

Backing vocals by Sebastian Roos, Anders Berlin, Kajsa Berg and Erik Heikne

Guest musicians:
Roland Grapow: 2nd guitar solo on "Perfect War"
Kajsa Berg: Duet with Sebastian on "Last Woman Standing"
Daniel Gese: Percussion & drums on "Till We Meet Again"



1)  Henrik Sproge, Sebastian Roos
2)  Henrik Sproge, Sebastian Roos
3)  Henrik Sproge
4)  Henrik Sproge, Sebastian Roos
5)  Henrik Sproge, Erik Heikne, Sebastian Roos
6)  Henrik Sproge, Erik Heikne
7)  Henrik Sproge
8)  Henrik Sproge, Erik Heikne, Sebastian Roos
9)  Henrik Sproge, Erik Heikne, Sebastian Roos
10) Henrik Sproge
11) Henrik Sproge, Erik Heikne


The video to the song “Till We Meet Again” is available through the band’s website and
on youtube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=SchX6n6EQZg

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