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Moritz - Undivided (United Kingdom)

Avenue Date:     January 28th 2011
Catalogue-no..:  Avenue 1103 0023
EAN:                 884502435306


Produced by Marty Wells and Greg Hart
Mix engineer: Marty Wells
Recorded at: Harmony Factory, Sussex, England


MORITZ are :

Pete Scallan:     Vocals
Greg Hart:         Guitars, keyboards, vocals
Mike Nolan:       Guitars, vocals
Andy Stewart:   Piano, keyboards
Ian Edwards:     Bass, vocals
Mick Neaves:     Drums

Additional musicians:
Marty Wells:             Guitars on “Same But Different“
Jackie Bodimead:     Vocals on “Who Do You Run To“
Janey Smith:            Vocals on “Should Have Been Gone“; “Can’t Stop the Angels“



1)   Greg Hart, Pete Scallan
2)   Greg Hart, Marty Wells
3)   Greg Hart, Pete Scallan
4)   Greg Hart
5)   Greg Hart, Pete Scallan
6)   Marty Wells, Pete Scallan
7)   Greg Hart
8)   Greg Hart, Pete Scallan
9)   Moritz
10)  Moritz
11)  Laurence Archer
12)  Greg Hart, Pete Scallan

The video to the song “Should've Been Gone”  is available on YouTube : http://youtu.be/iGAXcu5sWro

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