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Moritz City London
Country United Kingdom

During the Eighties AOR and Melodic Rock bands sold millions of albums and their music was all over the radio. And still today the back catalogue of acts like Boston, Journey, Foreigner, Styx and REO Speedwagon is doing quite well in terms of sales figures and their songs can still be heard on the radio. Back in the day there was a lively AOR scene in every country, with some internationally successful acts coming from the United Kingdom. Records by bands like FM, Shy, Strangeways and Virginia Wolf are considered AOR classics today and thanks to their major label status the bands got the chance to present their songs live, supporting bigger acts or headlining smaller venues.

The aforementioned bands were only the tip of the AOR iceberg as lots of other bands also released high quality albums, mostly on major labels as well, but their careers often only lasted for one or two albums with Airrace, After Hours, Romeos Daughter, Monro, Tobruk and Outside Edge being some of the more well known ones.

MORITZ were another very promising outfit founded in 1986 in London, UK. They recorded a 7“ single, a 12“ EP and several demos, they had regular gigs at the famous Marquee Club in London and they had a classic AOR sound of a very high standard. Still they didn’t manage to make it big or draw the interest of a record label and so they called it a day in 1988.
In the following years guitar player and main song writer Greg Hart, bass man Ian Edwards, drummer Andy Elphick and keyboard player Andy Stewart went on to form the female fronted AOR band IF ONLY, recording the classic Geoff Downes (Asia) produced “No Bed Of Roses“ album with the late singer Tina Egan.
Lead vocalist Pete Scallan joined the band Samson for their studio album “Refugee“. Greg Hart also co-wrote two songs on the Asia album “Aqua“ and was a part of the UK AOR trio GTS.

Many years later UK journalist Rob Evans “met“ Greg Hart on the net and following their conversations, MORITZ released the 8-track CD “City Streets“ including old recordings from 1986 and 1988 and it became an instant success. Inspired by this unexpected experience Greg got in touch with his old band mates and they decided to put the band back together again and give it another shot. To take care of the unfinished business of recording a full length MORITZ album the original members Greg Hart, Pete Scallan, Ian Edwards, Andy Stewart and Mike Nolan entered the studio with new drummer Mick Neaves.

The truly marvellous result is “Undivided“, a collection of twelve new classic AOR tunes, recorded in the 21st century. From the opening bars of “Power Of The Music“, a Boston styled anthem paying tribute to the bands that inspired MORITZ, to the last chords of “World Keep Turning“ you can hear that MORITZ was there when AOR reigned the radio playlists the first time around. Additional musical contributions on guitar come from producer Marty Wells and on vocals from the two ladies, Jackie Bodimead (Ex-Girlschool) on the catchy AOR Rocker “Who Do You Run To“ and Janey Smith on “Should Have Been Gone“ and the emotional ballad “Can’t Stop The Angels“. Another song that made it onto “Undivided“ is the Laurence Archer (UFO, Stampede, Grand Slam) composition “Can’t Get Away“, taken from his solo album “L.A.“, a track with an immensely huge chorus, that will blow you away.




Albums (1)
Songs (12)
# SONG Album
1 Power Of The Music Undivided
2 Undivided Undivided
3 Should've Been Gone Undivided
4 Who Do You Run To Undivided
5 Can’t Stop The Angels Undivided
6 Same But Different Undivided
7 Any Time At All Undivided
8 Without Love Undivided
9 Never Together Undivided
10 Lonely Without You Undivided
11 Can't Get Away Undivided
12 World Keep Turning Undivided

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