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Country Sweden

Optimystical’s debut album “Distant Encounters” is the perfect blend of Scandinavian Melodic Rock, AOR and Melodic Metal, covering the time period from the 80s to the modern age. The varied songs with their catchy hooklines, mighty guitar riffs and epic keyboard sounds are a powerful musical statement in the vein of Scandinavian audience favorites like Pretty Maids, Glory, Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen,Treat and Brother Firetribe.

The Scandinavian Melodic Rock scene has a long and successful tradition. During the Eighties bands like Europe, Pretty Maids, Glory and Treat vouched for musical quality and fine chart positions and still today the European North is a fertile soil for upcoming and promising new Melodic Rock bands like Brother Firetribe, H.E.A.T. and Work Of Art.

The year 2009 will mark the start of the success story by the Swedish band project “Optimystical”, a musical unit under the direction of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Robin Vagh, who has already released two albums under the Vagh-banner in 2002 and 2004. The creative process for the songs of “Distant Encounters” already began to take shape in 2004 and step by step Robin invited various musicians of the Swedish Rock scene into the studio, hence you will find (ex-)members of Token, Pole Position, Reptilian and Majestic in the album credits.

The intro to is the bombastic opening to an album, that is a grand display of Melodic Rock and AOR fireworks, and that also broadens its horizon into the realms of Melodic Metal. After the impressive beginning the song builds up towards a rousing refrain, that will have every Rock fan singing along. To keep the vocal chords swinging the following delivers the next marvelous hookline, making the tune a fast paced Melodic Rock gem of the highest order with outstanding guitar work by Fredrik Fencke. “Optimystical” features two lead vocalists, Ronnie Hagstedt is holding the microphone on the first two songs and he is also the lead singer on eight more tunes. On tracks number three and four Jonas Blum (Pole Position, Majestic) takes over, his voice is similar to the one of Bonfire’s Claus Lessmann and it suits the midtempo rockers and pretty fine.

By reading the epic sounding title “Startide Rising” you will already expect a fascinating musical work and the song won’t let you down. Originally intended to become the title track for the album, it reflects its character in a formidable way and it impresses with its pompous arrangement of guitars, keyboards and harmonies. Next up is “Face In The Window”, the first ballad,featuring newcomer Mikael “Mike” Laver on guitar, before “Lost Horizon” delivers another huge refrain and satisfies our need for rich harmonies. On “In Our World” Per Broddesson’s guitar comes to the fore and moves things towards the more Metal side, but it’s still a very melodic affair in the vein of Pretty Maids’ “Future World”. Subsequently the musical light-heartedness of “Jennifer“ is in contrast to the lyrical theme of child abuse. Another colour to the musical palette of “Distant Encounters” is added by the sevenminute-opus “The Unexpected“, its clever arrangement melts progressive elements and a catchy hookline into one strong song unit. Before the first musical encounter with “Optimystical” smoothly fades away with “I Go Blind“, we experience the fast and furious “The Storm”. The roots of this up-tempo-rocker lie close to Yngwie  Malmsteen’s best works, which he wrote during the end of the 80s and in the beginning of the 90s, when he was working with Joe Lynn Turner and Göran Edman as lead vocalists. That time was a musical era rife with great Melodic Rock releases and it influenced the sound of “Optimystical” in a strong way.

Robin Vagh’s endurance in working on the “Optimystical”-songs paid off in a big way and it led to a marvelous result, that finds a worthy completion in the release of “Distant Encounters”.



Albums (1)
Songs (12)
# SONG Album
1 Sunburst In The Midnight Distant Encounters
2 Happen Distant Encounters
3 Outcast Distant Encounters
4 Tonite Distant Encounters
5 Startide Rising Distant Encounters
6 Face In The Window Distant Encounters
7 Lost Horizon Distant Encounters
8 In Our World Distant Encounters
9 Jennifer Distant Encounters
10 The Unexpected Distant Encounters
11 The Storm Distant Encounters
12 I Go Blind Distant Encounters

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