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Paradise Inc.





PARADISE INC. - Time (Brazil / Germany 2011)
Avenue Date :     October 21st 2011
Catalogue-no.. :  Avenue 11 14 0034
EAN :                 4041257000630

Produced by Paradise Inc. and Paul Logue
Mixed by Paul Logue
Mastered by Dennis Ward
Lead & backing vocals of Carsten “Lizard” Schulz
recorded and arranged by Steffen Seeger
Keyboards recorded by Alessandro Del Vecchio

Paradise Inc. are:
Carsten “Lizard” Schulz: Lead & backing vocals
De Grigo: Guitars
Marcos Peres: Guitars
Rick A.: Bass
Allan Juliano: Drums

Guest musicians:
Doogie White: Lead vocals on “Not In Paradise”
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards
Paul Logue: Bass on “Wait And See”
Luiz Sacoman: Final guitar solo on “Steel Or Stone”
Nat Lou: Female vocals on “Steel Or Stone (acoustic version)”



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