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David Roberts


The Missing Years

The Missing Years


DAVID ROBERTS – The Missing Years (Canada)

Avenue Date:    April 29th 2011
Catalogue-no.:  Avenue 1109 0029 (Avenue Archives Vol. 5)
EAN:                4041257000555

* Produced by David Roberts
** Produced by David Roberts & Arnold Lanni
*** Produced by David Roberts & Anthony Vanderburgh

All vocals, keyboards, arrangements and programming by David Roberts

Remastering 2011 (songs 1 - 15): Christian Schmid at GUMA Studio
Mastering 2008 (songs 1 - 13): Yoshiro Kuzumaki at CM Punch


1.  Run Back* 
2.  Misunderstood** 
3.  Gone But Not Forgotten* 
4.  Until Your Heart’s Content*** 
5.  Run Away With Me* 
6.  Forbidden Fruit** 
7.  Nothing Matters Tonight** 
8.  I Love You So Much It Hurts* 
9.  Higher Power* (featuring Anthony Vanderburgh on guitar)
10.  One Soul* (featuring John Albani on guitar)
11.  No Ordinary Girl* 
12.  Cry Me A River Tonight*
13.  I Still Believe* (featuring Stan Meissner on guitar)
14.  Love Waits For No-one* (bonus track - featuring Stan Meissner on guitar)
15.  The Sun Will Rise Again* (bonus track - featuring Stan Meissner on guitar)

All songs written by David Roberts,
except “Run Back” written by David Roberts and Randy Goodrum

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