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State Cows


The Second One

The Second One


STATE COWS – The Second One (Sweden 2013)
Avenue Date :  May 24th 2013
Catalogue-No.: Avenue 1304 0052
EAN :              4041257001118

All songs written, produced and arranged by Stefan Olofsson and Daniel Andersson
Recorded at White Cherry Hill Studios
Mixed by Stefan Olofsson
Mastered by Stefan Olofsson

Horn arrangement on “In the City” by Per Bejstam
Flugelhorn solo on “Mister White” arranged by Hans Hjortek

Daniel Andersson : vocals, guitars
Stefan Olofsson : keyboards, synth bass

Guest musicians :
Bill Champlin : vocals on “Finally Fair and Balanced”
Michael Landau : guitar solo on “This Time”
Jay Graydon : guitar solo on “In The City”
Peter Friestedt : guitar solo on “Mister White”
Sven Larsson : guitar solo on “Hard Goodbye”
Ian Bairnson : guitar solo on “I Got Myself Together”
Peter Holmqvist : guitar solo on “Scofflaws”
Göran Turborn : guitar solo on “California Gold”
Samuel Muntlin : EWI solo on “Nineteen Eighty-One”
Pär Wretling : flugelhorn solo on “Mister White”, flugelhorn on “California Gold”
Per Bejstam : trumpets, flugelhorn on “In The City”
Peter Olofsson : drums
Lars-Erik Dahle : bass
Mikael Emsing : percussion
Marcuz Granberg, Christian Thomsen : backing vocals


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