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Westcoast AOR always enjoyed great popularity in France. In the past there were French record labels specialising in this musical genre, Disneyland Paris hosted a festival with a line-up of several high profile stars of the American Westcoast scene of the 70s and 80s. Even the Virgin Megastore located on the Champs-Élysées has a special Westcoast section, which in its heyday had a nice selection of CDs, including many Japanese imports. Various websites and blogs fly the Westcoast flag and every once in a while the French music scene brings forth a band dedicated to this sound deeply rooted in the American way of life. Sedona is one of these highly enjoyable bands.

Getting together for the first time in the early 90s to celebrate their common love for the Sound Of California, the musicians first recorded two albums with French lyrics, “Dream Catcher” and “Tout Arizona”, and in 1995 “Golden Valley” eventually saw the light of day. To reach a wider audience the lyrics were written in English, but in the musical climate of the 90s, this labour of love of the Sedona members remained an insiders’ tip for years to come. It wasn‘t until ten years later when the Westcoast aficionados discovered the musical gems of Sedona through the magic power of the internet. 

Inspired by a gig in Paris, at which he performed on stage together with Toto’s Steve Lukather, guitar player Patrick Liotard had already for a longer time the wish to breathe new life into Sedona.  Meanwhile the songwriting for the next Sedona-Album, “Stand Up”, is in full swing. The new vocalist on board is Anthony Dura, who has recently recorded his solo album “Fragile” with Patrick at the producer’s helm. The release of the fourth Sedona album is scheduled for the second half of 2010.

As a first rate appetizer the “Golden Valley” album is now available for the first time as an international CD release, including bonus tracks from the original studio sessions. Listening to the disc it quickly becomes clear, that the involved musicians Patrick Liotard, Stéphane Larribat and Jack AnDour are accomplished instrumentalists, who also know how to sing those typical Westcoast harmonies. The songs range from rocking tracks like “Surfing State Of Mind” and “The Story”, in the vein of Tim Feehan, Joseph Williams, Jay Graydon’s Planet 3 and Beckett, to the midtempo cuts “Golden Valley” and “California Ballad” à la King Of Hearts, L.A. Cowboys and Michael Ruff. For friends of classic bands like Toto, the Little River Band, Dakota, Boulevard and Nielsen / Pearson, the trip into the Golden Valley” is also a worthwhile journey.



Albums (1)
Songs (12)
# SONG Album
1 Magic Dream Golden Valley
2 Surfing State Of Mind Golden Valley
3 Golden Valley Golden Valley
4 California Ballad Golden Valley
5 Sweet Wave Of Sunset Golden Valley
6 Laguna (Instrumental) Golden Valley
7 Rock Board Golden Valley
8 Southern California Dream Space Golden Valley
9 You Choose Fanatic Golden Valley
10 The Story Golden Valley
11 Tessalia Golden Valley
12 Sedona (Instrumental) Golden Valley

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