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Skill In Veins

Country Italy

The history of SKILL IN VEINS started in 2009, when the young Italian guitar player Andrea „Andream“ Lanza turned to producer Alessandro Del Vecchio to professionally produce his self-written songs. Alessandro, who has earned an excellent reputation through his work with Rock icons like Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice and as a member of the bands Edge Of Forever, Eden’s Curse, Axe and  Moonstone Project, immediately realized the huge potential of Andrea’s songs and he agreed to take the youngster under his wings.

The newcomer, who had written all tracks by himself over the course of a year, first got into music when he was flipping through the record collection of his brother. Here he discovered his passion for Hard Rock, with bands like Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Skid Row, Megadeth and Metallica being among his favorites.

Magically attracted to the sound of electric guitars, Andrea was inspired in his playing by Rock guitarists with a Blues background like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Perry and Slash, as well as by members of the “technical department” like Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dave Mustaine, Jake E. Lee and George Lynch. After gaining first experiences in Rock cover bands Andrea soon decided to go his own musical way and to start writing original songs for a new band.

The execution in the studio required an accomplished shouter and a first rate rhythm section, helping to make Andrea’s rough diamonds shine. Through Alessandro’s contacts the right musicians were found quickly. Joining in first were drummer extraordinaire Francesco Jovino, a member of U.D.O. for  several years, and his musical accomplice in Edge Of Forever and Moonstone Project, Nik Mazzucconi on bass. Considering the consummate quality of this musical venture, Gabriele Gozzi (Markonee, Killer Klown), one of Italy’s uprising vocalists, also didn’t hesitate to lend his vocal chords. 

The final outcome of the recording sessions is a sensational debut album, setting a benchmark regarding its phenomenal sound and revitalising the Hard Rock subgenre that adds bluesy undertones to thundering guitar riffs and smashing melodies. The new millenium sees SKILL IN VEINS ready to continue in the classic Heavy Rock vein of Badlands, Lynch Mob, Skid Row, Little Caesar, Cry Of Love and Slash’s Snakepit, while developing their own unmistakable identity.

Their explosive mixture provides classic Hard Rock hymns like „Can’t Ride My Soul“, „Skulls On The Way“, „Youth Times“, „The Way Out”, „We Don’t Cry“ and “You’re Doing It Again” with its Heavy Funky Groove. Every once in a while the boys slow down for a moment without losing their power, resulting in the stomping Blues Rock of „Just One Drink“, the mid-tempo track „I’m Living My Life” and the highly melodic ballad „Don’t Need You To Cry“. Even more variety is given by the neck breaking rocker „Sick Mind“ and the complex and atmospheric sounding „We Don’t Believe In Fables“.

The future of Hard Rock looks bright with SKILL IN VEINS and their delivery of high class workmanship served with an enormous joy of playing, that wets the appetite for a high-octane live presentation.



Albums (1)
Songs (11)
# SONG Album
1 Can't Ride My Soul Skill In Veins
2 Skulls On The Way Skill In Veins
3 Youth Times Skill In Veins
4 I'm Living My Life Skill In Veins
5 Sick Mind Skill In Veins
6 You're Doing It Again Skill In Veins
7 Just One Drink Skill In Veins
8 Don’t Need You To Cry Skill In Veins
9 The Way Out Skill In Veins
10 We Don't Cry Skill In Veins
11 We Don't Believe In Fables Skill In Veins

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