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Shining Line

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Genre Melodic Rock
Country Italy
WEB www.shiningline.com

All star projects have become a good tradition in the Melodic Rock, AOR and Hard Rock scene. In the past time and again different singers and instrumentalists got together and recorded some great albums. Spearheaded by productions like Phenomena and Voices Of Rock, Frédéric Slamas’s AOR and Jim Peterik’s Worldstage, Tommy Denander’s Radioactive and Deacon Street Project, Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia and Tor Talle’s Northern Lights, these tailor made records became favorites among the fans.  In 2010 the Italian band „Shining Line“ will continue this marvelous tradition with their amazing debut album.

Conceived under the guidance of main songwriter and drummer Pierpaolo „Zorro11“ Monti, together with his longtime friend and bassist Amos Monti, their eponymous record pays homage to the glory days of AOR and Melodic Rock. The acclaim, even from the most demanding fans, is a safe bet for „Shining Line“, beside their outstanding compositions, rife with fantastic melodies and irresistably catchy hooklines, the album offers an illustrious guest list featuring over 30 internationally renowned musicians, whose individual class can be heard on every single track of the album. 

Also from the production point of view nothing was left to chance, the multi-talented Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Glenn Hughes, Moonstone Project, Eden’s Curse, Axe) was hired to oversee the in every way bombastic production, while Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max, Voices Of Rock) took over the mixing and mastering duties and he once again lived up to his reputation of delivering a crystal clear and dynamic sound.  

The basic recordings for all cuts were handled by experienced Italian Rock musicians, so you will hear producer Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards and background vocals, as well as Marco „Dandy“ D’Andrea (Planethard) and Mario Percudani (Hungryheart) on guitars and of course Pierpaolo and Amos on drums and bass respectively. 

The individual vocalists were chosen carefully in respect to the mood and sound of each track, giving the album a substantial variety and making it a listening pleasure throughout its 75 minutes of prime Rock entertainment. 

“Shining Line” is a real treat filled with precious AOR and Melodic Rock gems like „Amy“ (Lead Vocals: Harry Hess), „Highway Of Love“ (LV: Erik Martensson), “Strong Enough” (LV: Robbie LaBlanc), „Can’t Stop The Rock“ (LV: Mikael Erlandsson), “Unbreakable Wire” (LV: Brunorock, Jack Meille, Graziano De Murtas, Alessandro Del Vecchio), “Homeless’ Lullaby” (LV: Ulrich Carlsson & Carsten “Lizard” Schulz) and “The Infinity In Us” (LV: Michael Voss). Added to that are tempting ballads by the likes of „Heat Of The Light“ (LV: Robin Beck), „The Meaning Of My Lonely Words“ (LV: Michael Shotton), “Follow The Stars” (LV: Phil Vincent) and “Still In Your Heart” (LV: Sue Willets & Bob Harris). The album is rounded out by the short instrumental „Heaven’s Path“ and the final three-part Rock epic „Under Silent Walls” (LV: Michael Bormann).

The year 2010 will bestow the AOR and Melodic Rock fans with a whole array of very promising and eargerly awaited comeback albums and more top class releases and the „Shining Line“ debut will certainly be among this years most remarkable and striking highlights.



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