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Genre Melodic Hard Rock
City Vancouver
Country Canada

Erol Sora spent his formative years in Canada and like so many others, was inspired to pick up a guitar after seeing KISS on TV in the mid ‘70s. His enthusiasm for playing and writing songs hasn’t wavered since and he cites guitarists such as Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker and John Sykes as early influences. In the mid 80s Erol moved to LA to pursue all things Rock & Roll and played in several outfits and recording sessions involving various members of bands such as Quiet Riot, Survivor, to name a few.

What young Erol really wanted however was to follow his British musical influences so he eventually moved to England and became a British citizen. Living and playing in London, he met ex-Uriah Heep/Lucifers Friend singer John Lawton who offered Erol a job as guitarist/songwriter in the John Lawton Band. Being a longtime fan, Erol accepted the offer and has since played on four albums with John Lawton and participated in the recording of two DVDs.

When the band went on a longer hiatus, Erol took the chance to put together his own solo band SORA, took up lead vocal duties himself and recorded the album “Demented Honour” in Vancouver which was released on MTM Music in 2006. “Demented Honour” received rave reviews globally, cemented Erol’s reputation now as a lead vocalist as well as guitarist and ended up in melodicrock.com’s Top 10 New Artists of that year.

To match the success of his debut album, Erol took his time to work on the songs for his sophomore record. His goal was to recapture the spirit and sound of great British bands from the late 70s/early 80s such as MSG, Whitesnake, Rainbow, UFO and Gary Moore.

The result of his intensive work in the studio is an album called “Desire And Truth” which is heavier and more guitar oriented than the debut, yet still very melodic in terms of vocals and songwriting. The album includes some of Erol’s finest work to date like the in-your-face opener “Taste of Rock & Roll”, a heavy bluesy Whitesnake influenced song about the ups and downs of life as a rock musician. The aptly titled “The Storm Has Just Begun” is equally rocking and features a stunning guitar solo. The Schenker influenced Melodic Rocker “Diamonds In The Wind” and the tongue-in-cheek “Rock & Roll Dog” about his days in the glamorous City Of Angels, are more examples of Erol’s diverse songwriting skills and influences. “When You’re Gone” a heartfelt ballad, and the haunting “When You Gonna Love Me” deliver the quieter moments of this fascinating new album by a fabulous guitarist and vocalist. 



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