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Genre Rock
Country Norway

The Norwegian Newcomers “Stargazer” are ready to cause  a stir with their debut  album,  the band is all geared-up to reach for the musical  stars up in the Rock’n  Roll sky. Their aim is guarateed to become  a success  by the very promising combination of a modern state-of-the-art production with “Old School” Hard Rock and Melodic  Rock and with the participation of former  members of the legendary Norwegian Rock icons TNT and Stage Dolls. Stargazer’s Tore André  Helgemo and William  Ernstsen take off their hats to the big names  like Van Halen,  Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne and based on their legacy, Stargazer are creating their own signature rock sound,  leaving  nothing  left to be desired.

The story of Stargazer began in the September of 2008 with the ambitious duo, consisting of singer and main song writer Tore André  Helgemo and guitar player William Ernstsen, an accomplished and versatile virtuoso on his instrument. The recording sessions in Trondheim’s legendary Nidaros studio took place with the participation of Scandinavia’s most in demand rhythm section, Morten  “Morty  Black”  Skaget  (Ex-TNT) on bass and Steinar Krokstad (Ex-Stage Dolls) on drums. The technical part of the production was handled by Rune Nordal,  a very experienced studio wizard, who already worked with TNT and the Stage Dolls back in the Eighties.

The stunning and multifaceted sound of the guitars on this album is a perfect work of art and it lifts the record high above the bulk s road will lead to success.

William is well on the way to join the exclusive guild of skilled rock guitarists like John Sykes, Zakk Wylde and Doug Aldrich. This will be confirmed by anyone, who listens to his work on this album and who enjoys the warm guitar tone, coming out of William’s Marshall amps. The tone, which has come to maturity over the years, can be heard throughout the record, from the first bars of the chart ready opener “I Needed You” with its monster hookline to the last staccato riff of “Window To The World”.  And since Tore André’s voice is also very distinctive and the arrangements of his top-class songs are very well-elaborated, Stargazer’s road will lead to success.

The road taken will also see the band playing live in front of their valued audience. A breath taking live performance is guaranteed by the impressive number of arena ready, diversified Melodic Rock anthems like “Push Me”, “Brother Against Brother”, “Keep The Good Times”,  “Working On The End” and “Dancing On Your Grave”.  “You Are The One”, feat. a Morty Black bass solo, the short instrumental “Whirlwinds”, as well as the smoother track “This  Is The Night”  and the ballad “The Cage”,  round out an album having all the ingredients to be found on the Top 10 lists of fans and music editors as well.



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