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Sonic Station


Next Stop

Next Stop


SONIC STATION – Next Stop (Sweden)

Avenue Date:    May 23rd 2014
Catalogue-No.:  Avenue 1401 0060
EAN:                4041257001293

All songs produced, arranged and mixed by Alexander Kronbrink

Strings arranged by Conny Lindgren and Alexander Kronbrink
Recordings engineered by Alexander Kronbrink and Mikael Wikma
Mastered by Mats “Limpan” Lindfors
Executive producer: Gregor Klee

SONIC STATION musicians on all songs except as noted:

Johan Boding: Lead vocals on tracks 1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10 and background vocals
Marika Willstedt
: Lead vocals on tracks 3,6,11 and background vocals
Alexander Kronbrink
: Guitar, synthesizers,
                                   drum programming on track 4 and background vocals
Jonathan Fritzén: Keyboards 
Erik Metall
: Bass (except tracks 2,4)
Thorleif Robertsson: Drums (except track 4)


Additional musicians:
Mathias Garnås: Bass on tracks 2,4 and background vocals
Arvid Svenungsson: Additional synthesizers on track 5
Andreas Ekstedt: Percussion on tracks 4,5,6,7,8,10,11
Conny Lindgren: Strings on tracks 4,8,11
Matilda Bådagård: Background vocals
Matilda Lindell: Background vocals
Rebecca Petersson: Background vocals
Uffe Söderberg: Background vocals

1)  Alexander Kronbrink & Matilda Bådagård
2)  Alexander Kronbrink, Mathias Garnås & Matilda Bådagård
3)  Alexander Kronbrink & Marika Willstedt
4)  Alexander Kronbrink & Mathias Garnås
5)  Alexander Kronbrink & Matilda Bådagård
6)  Alexander Kronbrink & Rebecca Peterson
7)  Alexander Kronbrink, Morgan Lydemo & Mathias Garnås
8)  Alexander Kronbrink & Matilda Bådagård
9)  Alexander Kronbrink & Emma Essinger
10) Alexander Kronbrink & Matilda Lindell
11) Alexander Kronbrink & Anders von Hofsten

Please visit the official band website for regular updates: www.sonic-station.com


The official video for the song "Amelia" is available on You Tube: http://youtu.be/gR3J1QSRJNM

You can also take look behind the scenes by watching "The making of "Next Stop" " clip: http://youtu.be/EXbFga98KGk

For soundbytes to all songs of "Next Stop" please click the logo below: www.melodicrock.com/showcase/sonicstation-nextstop.html



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