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Wheels Of Fire


Hollywood Rocks

Hollywood Rocks


WHEELS OF FIRE - Hollywood Rocks (2010)
Street Date :       June 18th 2010
Catalogue-No. :  Avenue 10 07 0015
EAN :                   884502498103

All songs written and arranged by Davide Barbieri and Michele Luppi

Produced by Michele Luppi and Davide Barbieri
Mixed and Mastered by Roberto Priori

Wheels Of Fire are:

Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri: Vocals & Keyboards
Stefano Zeni: Guitars
Roberto Galli: Bass
Andrea Zingrillo: Drums
Special Guests :
Michele Luppi – Acoustic Piano on “What I Want”,
“I Can’t Live Without You”, “Little Prayer” and “Love Nest”
Bass on “Hollywood Rocks” and “You’re So Cool”, Background Vocals
Frank Nemola – String arrangement on “Love Nest”


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